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A video editing of Simon Rhodes's lost scenes


Hi everyone,
having being fascinated by Simon Rhodes's audio tapes of some Breakaway lost scenes, I decided to select the new ones (I neglected the scenes that are similar to those which eventually made it in the final cut) and insert them in the moments where they should have been - in same cases, this was a matter of opinion. The recordings are accompanied by relevant still pictures (I also put Gorski in Koenig's office with photoshop!) and are pasted between scenes from the episode to give a sense of continuity. I have also cleaned up the quality of the recordings (well, as far as possible).
There are also Italian subtitles/introduction to scenes.
I am planning to do an English version as well.
I hope the whole thing makes sense. Enjoy.



Although that site's focus is the American Starblazers, it contains a wealth of info about the original Japanese version,and things related to it (made by the original series' producers, directors, artists and so on), hence the Harlock page.
I've known about the site for a few years, and I still discover 'new' things in its archives. Glad you found the article interesting! (Now, back to this thread's topic! Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers has it own dedicated thread on the Breakaway board.)