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AB Eagle parts on RU 23 eagle?



I have an AB 22 inch Eagle and I am going to order a 23 inch RU from Federation Models when they get more in, (on order).
What I was wonder was, does anyone know of the capitablity of the two. I was thinking maybe I could use the AB spine and cages plus engine bells on the RU kit.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Commander Ret.
To qualify the above, not so much different - but it would be more than enough to make things look well... rather odd to say the least. :)

At any rate, the sheer weight of the metal would crush the RU23's comparitively flimsy frame. If it didn't break it, it would certainly make it sag very rapidly.


Commander Ret.

The bells could be used but don't forget to counter-weight the command module to compensate. Otherwise, you'll have a 'sit up and beg' variant! :lol: