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Add ons for new 22 inch Eagle



This is my first post so greetings to you all.

I am in the process of ordering the new Eagle Kit from (probably) Monsters in Motion but am wondering if the metal upgrades are worth investing in. I ask because they cost more than the actual model and I can't help thinking that if I undercoat the plastic engine thrusters, spray in chrome and weather if it worth the money.

I am however tempted to buy the second smaller pack as its only $39 odd.

Any comments would be most welcome.

Kind regards

Hi Alan, I'm not sure if you built any 12" Eagles previously or added alum to them but I find the alum makes a big difference in presentation and makes it look less toy'ish.

There's probably many different ways, products and paints to make them look like alum and not everyone can afford them or will want to buy them and that's ok.

I think mainly, the 44 was built with alum and it carried over to the 22s and 12. Don't feel you have to buy them. Enjoy the new kit, with or without them :)


The Ali Bells are really nice but bloody expensive, if you paint them right the styrene ones look pretty good but obviously not as sturdy imo.