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Airfix Apollo Saturn V


I've been working on my Saturn V
It is the new issue with the corrected Command and Service Module.
The new parts are an improvement over the old ones.
Unfortunately, the Launch Escape System is the old one and is a bit clunky in detail.

This shows the kit part alongside the new parts I have made.
The four main upright posts are hypodermic needles.
All the cross beams are from stretched sprue. I used red plastic to help my tired old eyes see things clearly.
The hatch does not feature the circular view port, so this was drilled out in the centre of the panel

Here is another view of the reworked tower showing the drilled holes made at about 45 degrees to represent the rocket exhausts. You can also see the cable conduit added from more stretched sprue.

This shot shows the four main rockets of the escape towers.
I used four 1/35th scale machine gun muzzles as they were perfect for the exhausts.

This is the new Service Module and LEM Shroud. Both are not only the correct dimensions but are alot better detailed, especially the SM.
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