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Alien 3 Project


These are some photos of my work I've been doing as part of a degree course, my project was based upon a rejected script for 'Alien III' by David Twohy, for the project besides design work I built a set wall, a flamethrower converted from a super soaker, a mining ship miniature and a CG Space station. The mining ship miniature needs a way better paint job when I get the model back.



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Some beautiful model work there, and I'm so glad to see you've maintained the great tradition of using the Airfix (now Dapol) Girder Bridge kit!! Lots of other bits on there I recognise! This looks like it might have been put together by Nick Allder and co.

Proper job.


Impressive work, well done - looks like you're a true all-rounder (props, set dressing, practical and CG modelling).

Can you show a couple more pics of your CG station?


Thanks for the feedback ! Here's some more pics of Moloch Island. Plus some of my original concept ideas.

Great work Andrew! Wish I had your rendering abilities. Mine are chicken scratchings in comparison. Ever think about taking this up professionally? Joking of course!

Ham Salad

I notice you didn't get to applying the WY logo as specified in the drawings....

Say, I seem to remember that version of ALIEN 3, the space station was made of wood...?

What are those orange locker doors made of? I recognize the Ikea trays underneath....


Ham Salad, yeah I really need to spend a few weeks really giving this ship a much better paint job and adding decals etc... to it, I'll post more pictures once that is done !

It was Vincent Ward's screenplay for Alien 3 that had the Monk's and the space station made of wood. The David Twohy screenplay I was working from didn't even have Ripley in it, although he did tell me he had written a second draft with her in, bit it was on an archaic word processor somewhere in his house.

Those orange panels I made from MDF, the top panel cut using a laser cutter from a file I made in 3DS Max and then converted to Adobe Illustrator. And those trays are two different sizes of Cutlery trays from UK hardware store B&Q, around £2.50 and £1.75 each !!