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Alien Blue-ray screen captures

Pro Mod

Forum Supporter
I came across this great site whilst on the Propsummit web site last week,

Almost the entire film has been screen captured (3538 frames) and some of the images are amazing.
There is detail visible in some of the props and sets which I have never seen before.
Being a lifelong fan I've looked at every single image and have down loaded for safekeeping 1200 of them.

Well worth a look if you have the time.:thumbup:

*Aliens has had the same treatment but I havent had time to look at that one yet.


When I was building my Aliens dropship last year, someone took grabs from the blue-ray version and the amount of extra detail visible was astounding, particularly in the handful of frames that show the back of the APC bay during a tracking shot in the Sulaco during prep for the landing.