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No, it wasn't removeable as far as I recall...I prized it off before they put it on a bonfire! Got the big antenna dish too!

Didn't the guys at the Prop Store of London restore the nostromo when found in a garage or something?:think:
Im not completely clear on Stephens Kane suit. Steve and I provided some details for the suit so it would be completed. The chest armor was a one-off set. The boots are the chldrens set style. Im also not sure who did that chest armor set.
I know theres some mystery on it but never delved too deeply into it.

Bob Burns also has a Kane suit. Seems there was 2 of each made. Steve did the helmet and many details due to those pieces missing.

Many of the costume parts were resourced to other suits. i.e. Lambert Helmet and back pack became the Ripley helmet.



Prop Store Re-Store

Yes, The Prop Store restored the original Nostromo. Check out the videos posted on You Tube.
Great reference photos.