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Aliens Epilogue - short Aliens fan film


Hi All,

A short Aliens fan film that I was proud to be a part of has been finished and uploaded to you tube.

Trevor Steedman (Wierzbowski) and Terry English (Original Amourer) star in a short film that follows on from James Cameron's classic Aliens.

Having failed on their previous attempt, the Company have initiated a new plan to obtain a specimen Alien... but when another ruthless agency becomes involved and the situation escalates out of control, the UKCM are brought in to investigate. Can they uncover the plan and survive?
In this UK fan-made film you will find out how the eggs got on board the Sulaco and finally discover how far the Company will go to unlock the potential of the Alien.

Along with members of the UKCM and The Aliens Legacy, this film was shot and produced over several years, when time and money allowed.

I think the finished product is excellent, congratulations to the director and all involved.

*language warning - a few swear words*

Hope you enjoy it.



Ham Salad

So that's what you've been up to. Pros,sets, or both? Very impressive locations as well, don't know how it was managed.

All in all, up to usual Andy standards.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi Andy,

The film looks good !!
And is that Karen I spotted donning a rather fetching helmet... ? (OOER...)

Should I now call you Spencer ?? ;)

Andy H.