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All hands on deck... 'Red Dwarf' Alert!


seems ol' Kryters has told ppl at the convention he's at atm...

there's a 1 hour special of Dwarf coming, to be filmed in October...

This evening (August 24th) in Seattle, Robert Llewellyn announced that.......

drum role.....

BBC Worldwide in collaboration with someone else (?) have commissioned a new 1 hour red dwarf episode to be filmed (wait for it)....



Robert said it will star the original cast.
He would not divulge the storyline except to say that Doug Naylor was finalizing the script.


Chief Eagle Pilot
What is it...10 years now since the last episode?
Sounds like they have finally given up on the film thank God, get it back on the telly where it belongs.


they were supposed to be making a movie, not a special. but never got all the funding. but at least we will get to see it on telly.:clap:


From what I understood of it, funding for the movie was based on Ed Bye directing it having directed what was a number one movie at the time, "Kevin And Perry Go Large" (that shows you how long ago it was). Doug Naylor wanted Director credit on the movie with Ed as Co-Director even though Ed was still effectively going to do the directing (Ed was the director on the series) to which Ed said 'no thanks' and that was that. It'll be interesting to see if Ed directs the special or Doug. Doug's been quite happy caddying for his son who's a professional golfer in Australia, all the time revenue from the various DVD releases was coming in but now that the DVD well is spent, it might be the motivation to revisit Red Dwarf.
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Has it really been ten years? Gee, where has the time gone?

Glad to see there will be SOME form of Red Dwarf coming out, be it big screen or small. And if it does well, maybe it will continue.


For those in Australia, Red Dwarf is on a perpetual repeat mode at the moment on ABC2 (and has been for most of the year!!). Showing anywhere up to 3 or so episodes a week :yes:

Mark P.