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All That Glisters Stun Gun Parts?


I'm thinking of having a shot at building the cut-away stun gun from All That Glisters.

It kinda looks like they've crammed it with old transistor radio or suchlike parts. I'm hopeless at identifying electrical components, and was hoping someone out there might recognize something in there?


Blue Moon

Hi Birdie

I built one of these a while back, your right, the prop is full of 1970's 'future technology'-:lol: prob from a pocket radio of the time, small transistors, capacitors and lots of small wiring. When I made mine, I was frustrated as it wasn't going to look very futuristic with 40 odd year old electrical components, so I improvised a bit. I kept the basic look of the interior and even had some spools of wire like the original, but I put some printed circuit board in there as well as a 'danger laser' symbol, it looked ok, but I lost interest in the project and never fully finished it. I'm not sure were it is now, I still have it, it may turn up over the next week as I'm moving house ;)



I hate to say it but I think it was this episode that caused me to rip open my dad's transistor radio when I was a kid. Still not sure if he know's how it got 'broken'. :oops:

Ham Salad

Some of those components are REALLY old: I see some old non-solid state resistors (the tan cylinders with the bands), lots of big capacitors, and what appears to be a tunable coil from a radio....more like '40's era technology. i bet they took the circuit board from an old radio and just cut it to shape.


Nuts and Bolts...

(Great closeups, BTW...)

:?: Anyone happen to know whether there's ever been a "cut-away" type schematic of any sort done, or at least attempted, for the stun gun?

I've only read the odd general description(s) of its capabilities, but nothing as to what's really "under the hood"...