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All-white Dinky Eagles were NEVER released!!!


I just bought an all white eagle off of ebay yesterday. It has chrome engine bells and chrome outside thrusters, don't know about the pod thrusters. I didn't buy it because of any rarity, but rather because I personally think that Eagles should be white, not green (although I like the green ones as well because I had one as a kid). Fortunately, mine was not advertised as an original, so I knew what I was getting. it is interesting that the paint on the pod seems to be worn about the same amount as the paint on the main body...someone must have swapped pods on this one a long time ago. Either way, I don't really care what color it is, since I will now have my first intact Eagle in over 25 years.
Thats really interesting. The side thrusters are chrome. If you mean the little bits on the outside of the pods the legs are on thats v v rare. Mine are either red or yellow. New(ish) here myself
Thats really interesting. The side thrusters are chrome. If you mean the little bits on the outside of the pods the legs are on thats v v rare. Mine are either red or yellow. New(ish) here myself

sorry, didn't mean the little cross-shaped control jets on the landing pods..those are red on mine. I was referring to the lift thrusters on the main body.
Good on you Maj. John! If you know it's not original (and/or don't care) but you've got what you want then you gotta be happy with that! Well done. :)
Thanks, I'm sure I'll be very happy with it. The plan is to rebuild it as close as possible to what an eagle is actually supposed to look like, since I don't have a PE eagle yet, and starting with all white paint will be better than trying to strip off tons of metallic green. Now I just have to snag a set of clear pod windows...just located a loose pod with clear windows on ebay listed for 1.99GPB. Too bad dinky eagle parts are hard to find in the US.


Several years late on this topic but will chime in anyway. I have 7 Dinky Eagles total and love 'em all. Six of the seven are mint or very very near mint. Three are first issue transporters ( one of which was my first, that I had stripped and repainted in the correct colors as a rescue ship ), two are freighters ( one white/red, the other blue/white ), and two are second issue transporters ( one with replacement red stripe decals made from red tape applied... the original water slide decals had flaked off and the paint underneath was damaged ).

As a kid, I hated the fact that the transporters were green, but when I did get a white freighter and switched the pods out, I could never bring myself to leave them that way. Something in me rebelled because they didn't come that way ( silly, eh? ). Nowadays with all the other excellent Eagle replicas available, I find the oddball colors of the Dinkys part of their unique charm. I'm especially fond of the blue/white combo.

I got several of mine from ebay, and knew exactly what I was getting each time. I wouldn't have bid on a white /white transporter, as I wanted them to be as near mint as possible. In all the shops I visited as a kid, I never once saw an actual white/white combo for sale.

The point of my meandering post? Buy what makes you happy. Toys are meant to be loved and played with...not bought as an investment. I have duplicates of many of my most favorite toys and models, but not for resale value - because I want a spare if something happens to the first one! If you really want a white/white Dinky, by all means buy it. Just be aware of what you're getting, and don't get rooked.

After I'm dead, someone else can resell them and reap the rewards. Not me. I buy things 'cause I want them, not with potential dollar signs in my eyes.
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I'm with you on the colours dep1701 - mine are all kept in their original Dinky liverys
I buy for my collection and if I get an item in good condition I'll sell on my old one to allow someone else to enjoy


Dinky Eagle Turnabout

:wtf: I have a kooky thought: Y'know what I would love to see? I think it would be fun to see a skilled modeler either take apart a Product Enterprise or some other decently sized and detailed Eagle replica, and repaint it in those wild Dinky colors, but weather and detail it with all the usual markings like a proper model, as if it was an actual miniature that would have been used for filming on Space:1999 ( perhaps picture the filming miniature of Thunderbird 2 to get an idea of the overall effect ).

Can't you just see it? Red engine bells with scorch marks, green walkways detailed under a bright white framework, a white passenger pod with a red hatch and red or orange tinted viewport, silver or gunmetal landing gear. As crazy as it might sound, I think it might have been an interesting variation ( like the orange V.I.P. pod ). Perhaps it could be said that it was an Eagle for exclusive operations by the Armed Forces. Or if you wanted to go for Air Force livery, make the base color blue like the second edition freighter.

Of course with the prices that the P.E. Eagles go for now, I'm sure that no one would want to sacrifice one for this nutty project. But wouldn't it be an interesting twist on the old 'why couldn't Dinky get the colors right' argument?


I love this debate, so interesting. Can anyone share some images of other non-catalogued rare Gerry Anderson related Dinkys?
Dopes anyone else have a gold Sam's Car Dinky 108 or a silver Ed Straker's car Dinky 352? I'm keen to share pics and join the group.


I am very late in searching this forum but I don't know where to turn. I have a large collection of Space 1999 Eagles, a few are 1 of 1500 made of this type about 24inches long and they weigh a tonne. My late husband collected many models from other programs such as UFO, Star wars, and Alien and they're kept in cabinets. He collected many others in his past 40 odd years and always said to give them a home to anyone who can appreciate them. He also collected stuff for model making along with model kits which has filled the loft and bedrooms to full. I came across the first edition Space 1999 magazines which he had put into red binders and I have the first set of those tiny photos you put into a cassette that's held up to your eyes, of the original moon landing.

I'm asking you nice people if you can advise on whether I should put them on ebay or make up a website to sell please? I'm only going to keep a couple of the Sci fi stuff we both collected before he passed away but I really need some guidance on where you think I should start. I've never done anything so big before and I feel bad that it's come to me selling all this stuff, I just don't have room to keep it all and the Eagles should have a home with good people that can keep them treasured. I've looked after everything, but it's just become too much now for me to keep...
I'm not here to make a fortune as I don't honestly know what anythings worth. I just know I can't keep it all. Any guidance would be very much appreciated

Thank you in advance.


P. S. Apologies if I've put this in the wrong thread. I'm a bit confused on where I should be writing stuff.

Many thanks


Hi Sulaco - your collection sounds really interesting, I'd love to see some photos!
If you have rare and good condition models I would recommend contacting QDT ( because they are expensive to buy from and look after the seller. eBay is a good place to sell because of the huge number of buyers but you really need to know what you have and what they are worth to not miss out when selling rarities.
Invaluable/Vectis ( is a good auction house to buy from and they know their stuff but I'm not sure how good they are to work with from a seller's point of view. It sounds like quite a collection.
I'm sure if you posted some photos here you would get some enthusiastic interest. Let me know if you'd like any advice :0)


Thanks very much for the links, I'll take a look. I will take some photos tomorrow for you and anyone else to see. Do I post them on this thread or in a different one please?


I'll get as many pictures as I can of what's in my living room and come back tomorrow (or rather today). I hope not to clutter up this post with too many pictures :)

Thanks for your help and advice


Hope these photos attach okay. Not used to forums and this sort of stuff. I have got tonnes more photos but didn't want to clutter up a thread. Let me know if you need any more photos of specific things or videos. The mags are in excellent condition and I'm happy to chat anytime if you want to know more.

I've yet to get into the loft to look through the many models as it's hard going through it all as I know how much my late husband loved all this awesome stuff.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: I think I should've put this in a different thread. Apologies for this.


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I'm sorry to hear about your loss of your husband, it must be very hard for you, collectors have a habit of accumulating so much stuff in their love of the collection.
That's quite an array of interesting models. Maybe others have advice but I think you should consider Vectis?
I'd love to see any Dinky toys your late husband collected, feel free to email me as many photos as you like at the email address I left above, I love looking at people's collections. Best wishes, Matthew


Thank you... I will certainly look into the link for Vectis and see if they can help, I honestly appreciate your advice and condolences, you're very kind... Regarding Dinkys, I'm sure I came across a bag of small vehicles but I don't know what make they are. My late husband loved to collect these but I don't know what his end game was for them all (and for all the other things) as he went mad in the final months because he didn't have much time left. I came across an Eagle in parts (same size as the larger one in the pictures which sat on top of the glass case - about 2 foot long?) that had been cut from a 3D printer plus a bag of what look like metal egg cups which I remember being specially cut to fit. If I was a model maker, I really would be set up...

I'll get up into the loft, hopefully over the weekend and see exactly what's in there. My hubby did say it would be a big job so it'll take some time as I will have to look up online what the things are. I'm clueless over these things, if the Eagles didn't have name plates on them, I honestly wouldn't know what they were! :wtf: I'll send some photos through to your email and on here for you. Be warned though, my collection isn't small :)

Thank you for replying and your advice (sorry if it looks like I've hijacked this thread BTW)


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