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Alpha Moon Bus


Decided to alter the 2001: A Space Odyssey Moon Bus into a vehicle that would be at home on Moonbase Alpha. In my mind, this would be a short range vehicle used to ferry crew to and from various outlying research stations around Alpha as well as to the Centauri Space Dock. Since the scale of the Moonbus is 1/55 and to me, the 22 inch Eagle is 1/55 scale, the two will display nicely side by side.



The Wheels on the (Moon) Bus...

A great concoction of beautiful photography and clever ideas! :yes:

I could easily envision such a vehicle being further adapted for use on Terra Alpha, some day...


If I add the rear section, it will probably be a little shorter. My original idea was it would be an engineering compartment but more logically it would be a storage area for passenger carry on items. It would be a perfect battery compartment for interior lights.

Hold the bus.....

Was fortunate enough to see one of these beautiful models at the IPMS show in Glasgow recently, complete with gorgeous weathering. You're a brave person cutting up a class kit like that, but I admire your imaginative approach to the crossover worlds of 1999 and 2001. Lovely handiwork and detailed description of your updates.

Kindest regards