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Alpha's effect on other worlds.


When we see Alpha swing close to other planets, we never see the effect that it might have on said celestial body. By every law of physics I'm aware of, a body the mass of the Moon should have some effect, when it swings by close enough to appear so large in the planet's sky.
For an example- what about Ultima Thule? It's close enough to look pretty big in the sky, and when Alpha finally begins to move away, it's fast enough to see, implying that the Moon has swung around the planet, and has picked up some speed. Might Thule be altered in some way? Seismic effects? Volcanism? Enough of a tug/nudge to the planet's tilt or rotation to cause a change in the IceAge conditions there? Heck, if something that size swung around Earth, we'd know it.
Also, Psychon--did Alpha's proximity contribute to the breakup of an already unstable planet?


Interesting point: never thought about it before. I would say that although it is a fascinating topic it calls for massive scientific speculations; nobody knows what would happen if the moon actually left the earth's orbit and scientists can only propose theories about it. However, we can safely assume that the sudden presence of a celestial body near a planet can cause some alteration but its extent depends on the distance between the planet and the moon and also between the relative masses. In Space 1999 we never come to know what is the distance between the moon and Piri (or Ultima Thule, etc.) or their mass. In some episodes we can appreciate that the moon actually interferes in some way with the status quo of the planet: Terra Nova (because of the anti-matter issue), Atheria (which waits for the collision to reach a higher spititual state) and let's not forget that Ultima Thule experiences a particular nasty snow blizzard (because of arrival of the moon?) and there might be others but I have to think about them :roll: