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An old pinball table of mine


Hi there!

A number of years ago I had started (and mostly completed) a pinball table using Visual pinball 6 point something or other and eventually mostly finished it in 8.1. Unfortunately due to some file loss ( and my hitting my head against a brick wall trying to get multi ball to work properly) I was unable to finish it completely but I did release a playable version of it.

Ok, you're probably wondering what the heck has this to do with this forum right? Well the picture says it all.

In advance I apologize for some of the crudeness in the table. If people are interested in downloading and playing it, I'll add in a couple of links.

First off you'll need Visual pinball. It's a windows based free pinball simulator and literally a construction kit as well.

It can be located at:

You may wish to locate the version/type you'll want. I can verify that this table should run fine in versions 8.1 through 9.12. No rom needed this table is self contained.

You'll need the Williams font. I've uploaded to Mediafire a complete zip containing all fonts used for visual pinball located here.

and a link for the table itself.

Hope you enjoy, I'll see about tweaking things when I can but I figure on letting you people know about this for your own amusement. Of course I always welcome comments on how I can improve this.

Take care


Edit to add some play info on the table (from what I can remember and from my brief playthroughs)

Left bank of 4 drop targets lights 1999 and Lights "Exodus (20,000)"
Right bank of 5 drop targets SPACE and Lights "Operation (40,000)"
Getting Space and 1999 lights completes "Operation Exodus" for large points (75,000).
Both ramps advance nuclear dump critical for lots of points as well (120,000 and free ball).

550,000 points for free game

And yes the letters "Space" and "1999" light up on the play field.
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