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Anderson Exhibitions


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Was it 1977, was I really 15!? I don't know how I managed to persuade my mum to drive up to Blackpool from London that day but I'm glad she did!

God, I wish I had had a better camera then...I had to make do with my sister's Instamatic (or was it a cheap Chinon belonging to my dad?). The pics were terrible so all I have are the memories.

It was a great exhibit...but too dark!


Re: Anderson Exhibits

:)To B P Taylor: Thanks so much for the heads-up re this very wkend! Hope it's providing a happy and successful time for all attending! I'll look forward to seeing those pictures too...

To Blue Moon: Thanks also for the Catacombs tip; I just skittered right over there, and pulled up Springfield 1982 (one I went to) - I remember Space City USA exhibit (still have T-shirt!), it was quite the big deal back then, coming as it was to an American con.:clap: I recall, too, that photography were not permitted...

Do retain a "photo of the mind" or two, though; a beautifully-detailed little piece of Moonbase (a docking port/travel tube, I think) - doubled down on my respect for the model-makers!:notworthy:

Two Y2 uniform tunics (different sleeve colors); those color-coded stitched lines across the torso, a subtle yet distinct (seen close-up) zigzag stitch - and I slaved so to keep those stitched lines on my own uniform tunic straight! Crestfallen...:eek:

And a drop-dead-gorgeous Sky One - to this day, can't look at a S1 pic and not be reminded! Glorious times...*sigh*

Anyone else out there who remembers '82? (Mine's a vivid imagination, but not - ahem - quite that vivid...!;)); would certainly be interested in any other SCUSA photos floating about.

Regards to all...


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I went every day that week on hol... My cam was one of those cube flash things, ha ha

Now that i think about it I was using the same...I vaguely remember that I could only take four photos because the flash pod could only be used four times!
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ADD: Anderson Exhibits

:yes:To Sliuman: I can absolutely empathize, re camera difficulties. What pics I took outdoors at Springfield turned out OK, but just about any pic I attempted to take indoors didn't! :~: What snaps I do have (including in my Vana costume), were taken by friends who sent copies to me afterward.:)
Finally getting around to posting images of the Gerry Anderson exhibit area at Wonderfest 2013. I know I didn't take shots of everything, but these give a good idea of what was there. I'm also throwing in Dave Barkovitz's Eaglehawk (part of another exhibit) that could easily have been included in with the Anderson stuff. Dave told me that he saw it as a precursor to the Moonbase Interceptor. Enjoy...

(The large Eagle is a build-up of the new Rogue Studios 44-inch Eagle kit. One day...)


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:))): Thanks, B P, for those great Wonderfest images - hope all here are enjoying them, as I certainly am!

:pics: Loved looking at the enlarged thumbnails - I remember seeing the XL-5 lunchbox in the stores over here, but was considered - ahem - "too old" (early teens) by then, to take a LB of any sort to school! (Should've used my head and bought it anyway, for a keepsake; but alas, such is youth...:uhohup:)

Pls feel free to share any other images you might've taken; certainly have my own understanding - as does everyone who's ever gone to one of these gatherings - of how difficult it can be to get round to see/snap everything! :yes: