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Angels, etc


None of these Angels models are mine: the one with the sharp nose was made by a mate called BillyHome, while the other is by an Italian CGI modeller called Duo, and is based on the Airfix kit.
Tbe Zero X was made by a mate called Neil Wilson.

This hovertank was built in TrueSpace and was based on one in a TV21 Annual.

I rendered all of these in Bryce, and I thank the modellers for making such beautiful models for people like me to play with :D

This additional pic is a Captain Black I was working on in DAZ Studio

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
That ZeroX render is just amazing but my favourite has to be image 2 of the Angels. The background colour sets them off perfectly...

More and more please... :D


Thanks again, Cap... the problem with white in renders is that they can sometimes pick up the colours from around them... luckily the Angels aren't so bad.

I might try and capture the Airfix box art one of these days. :D


Thanks for the kind comments... images like this are fun to set up and render, even if some of them take a while... and of course I love playing around with effects in PhotoShop.