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Another Earth

Steve Gerard

StrakersWig you're right:thumbup:, Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun/Doppelganger 1969 movie and also another movie called The Stranger 1973 (Glenn Corbettt).:think:
I'm glad I came across this thread or I would have never heard of this movie.
Yes, I watched it. I don't judge books by their cover and typically watch from start to end and make my own opinions rather then listen to those of others. It's all relative - out of the billions of people we will have different tastes. And although a certain part of a movie may not appeal to one, another part may....

Although mainly a chick flick and predictable, it is well done and quite possible reactions of survivors of tradegy. It made sense to me and it was pretty clear where it was going - and I was quite taken by the ending.