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Anyone fancy an original 1999 miniature?

Blue Moon

Aan original Martin Bower built Dragon's domain Derelict spaceship, which has been in my possession for over 30 years!!! As promised some pics, now as I said this model has been in my possession since about 1980 (ish). Unfortunatly it was 'disassembled' about 5 years later, but not to worry it's just the steel tube that ran through the middle thats missing, apart from that, It's about 99% complete with just a couple of greeblies that have got lost over the years. It's now housed in a nice flight case


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It's basically made from stage 2 and stage 3 Airfix 1/144th. Saturn V rocket bits. 'Boots' cake decoration parts are also evident (which incidentally are also used on the Hawk, big Ultraprobe and Side Boosters as well.) The rest looks like Plastruct tubes/ hemispheres, or bomb halves from something. In fact at least 2 of the Engine Bells are parts from the Sat V escape tower!
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