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Assorted UFO kits models and maker reunited

In my mega clear-out I came across some pretty much unique kits, these are not sale for sale by the way aprt from the one of the LM's and possibly a Moonbase.

The story behind the is, I was in contact with a guy called Steve Platt. He was an exiled Brit living in the States. I lost contact some while back and I have not heard or seen or heard from him in age and he seems to have disappeared from the hobby sci-fi hobby scene, he occasionally used to post over at SSM.

He ran a little side-line business called [I think] PPR [Platts Pewter Resins, or something similar]. Which was a small line of resin kits from various Anderson series, mainly UFO. I also believe he may have made some kits for Comet in the dim distant past.

His main line was a 1/48 ish scale Lunar Module kit, which he used to knock-out, I'm not sure how many he sold but I'm guessing it was not a lot, as it was not cheap [nothing wrong with that]. I got in correspondence with him and to cut a long story short I aquired a lot of his ex-stock that he no longer wanted, until today I had forgot about.

He was in the process of making a master for the Lunar carrier in the same scale, but decided it was not worth it and I aquired the master, with the intention of making a one off model. I did some work on trying to make it accurate -- but the task dawned on me and in the images below you can see how far I got. The red colour is a primer to assist me rubbing down. Its definatley not for sale as, one day I will finish it. I never, had the intention of releasing it as a kit, as I don't have those skills and I will have all on making it resonably accurate model.

Next up is kit of the SHADO Moonmobile, not sure if Steve ever marketed this? I can't recall he did, so this may well be one of only a couple he made. It is certainly his nicest kit.

Then I came across a box...

And... got it out.

There may be up to three complete Moon base kits, on has hollow spheres so it could be lit. the launch lower was my effort at scratch-building and it is far from cannon.

Here is some shots of the Lunar Module kit.

Just thought it was an interesting story.



He may have sold this kit through Comet?, but I'm not sure.

He did, as these photos bring back memories as I had one. I think it was probably a kit I ended up selling back to Tony James in one of my efforts to tidy up the attic and get rid of kits I didn't think I had a hope in building.



he also did Srakers car which was recast by comet under cocolate delight models,i have the original master model.
ufo resin kits

im back this is steve platt i did some new models while i was away im working on the studio size moonmobile and a studio size lunar module the body is already made and waiting to go on a mold also the straker car is being remodeld as i found some fault with the contoure of the body also working on the 18 inch interceptor it will be more acurate than the one that was sold by another company a few years ago i have so much going on just been busy making 3 ft radio controled submarines maybe i will do the skydiver :think:
Steve, good to see you back in the loop again.

I would be interested in the studio sized Lunar Module and Moon Mobile.

Post some pics as soon as you have figured how to it.




Is that a Dinky version beside it? The colour is great. You've inspired me to look for a cheap one :)rofl:) and do it up with the right colour.


:thumbup: Wow, I am really looking forward to seeing Ed Strakers car! And as I can see on your pics, you also got the little bump above the rear wheels right...hopefully you will sell kits of your models.:yes:
:thumbup: Wow, I am really looking forward to seeing Ed Strakers car! And as I can see on your pics, you also got the little bump above the rear wheels right...hopefully you will sell kits of your models.:yes:

i may be selling just a few as it is a dificult model to mold also it will be expencive to produce unless i have enough orders to ballance out the cost and time to do them then again i could always let tony james take it from me as he has do so in the past thats one reason i stoped making models for other people somehow he got some of my things and profited from them moonbase being another one of them anyway enough said