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Back-facing jet engines on the Lunar Carrier


One of the things that bugged me since I saw UFO was the back-facing jet engines at the wingtips of the Lunar Carrier. Also, how could you fit a jet engine in the wings for VTOL flight. You see the vent on the top of the wing, and the exhaust nozzle on the bottom.

I was surfing the web and found the solution on Wikipedia: the Ryan XV-5 Vertifan jet aircraft. During the 1960s, the US Army was experimenting with VTOL flight. Ryan Aircraft came up with this solution. Lift fans buried in the wings of the aircraft that were powered by the aircraft's jet engines (which were used for horizontal flight). During testing, it was discovered that the lift fans produced three times the thrust of the turbojets on jet thrust.

So in the end, the vents on the top of the Lunar Carrier are the intakes for the lift fans and the nozzles on the bottom, the exhaust. I can only surmise the back-facing jet engine provide the power for the lift fans.

Provided is a diagram I created partly using Jonathan E's original drawing.

If this was brought up in the past, sorry for repeating.


  • LUNAR CARRIER engine placement copy copy.jpg
    LUNAR CARRIER engine placement copy copy.jpg
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I often wondered if it was a mistake, or purposely done to see if anyone noticed.
A fan chirped in and said I should have used "turbofans" instead of "turbojets." Which is quite true. My brain was still in the 1960s when "turbojets" were the commonly used jet engine back then, and I also theorized what engine would have been used during the time of UFO's production.
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