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Back to the shop floor!


Commander Ret.
Well, that's me done!

Handover of the domain and forum is complete, less probably a few loose ends here and there.

Thanks to Bernie and Chris for their patience - I hope it was as smooth for them as it was for me.

I'm being 'retained on staff' as a mod and will be sticking around (quiet in the back there! :naughty: :lol:).

Thanks to everyone for their support and friendship over the years and I'm sure the new owner and admins will take us on to greater things.

Now for some... 'quiet enjoyment'. :thumbup:


Big Boris


thanks for setting up such a fabulous site, for all Sci-fi enthusiasts ( not only s99) to enjoy !!

A big effort, very well done.
The guys and gals here on the shop floor won't forget this !!

I wish you all the very best-:thumbup:



Well done Mark & thanks for setting up the best place on the internet by far !

See you soon !



I agree. Thanks to all who set up this site, and work to maintain it. It's a great site.:thumbup:

I check in almost every day. Always something new and interesting!!

Thanks for all your hard work!!:D


Forum Supporter
I concur with the other replies, and its nice to see that you are still staying around too. :yes:

Steve Gerard

I absolutely agree. Thank you for all your hard work for this brilliant ETF site.:clap: I am glad that you are staying aboard too. :thumbup:


Yep! what everybody else said, lol, good luck with the quiet life and thanks for the memories.:thumbup::clap: