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Bandai 1/48th Snowspeeder


As recommended by Spaceresearcher, here we go with my build on one of the coolest ships from that Galaxy far, far away.
I've got a number of the Fine Molds 1/72nd ships but decided to go 1/48th for my first dip into the Bandai takes on the craft.
Really nice production on the packaging and nice sprues inside, the main hull still looking a tad small against all that's left of my old Airfix/MPC version.

The build was a doddle, helped by the fact that its a PUSH FIT kit.
You notice i didn't put "snap fit" - that conjurs up nightmare images of kits that were little more than toys, with terribel part fits due to concessions made to the format.
Here, we have an excellent kit that's been created so well that the part fir is so good that you really don't need glue!
Here's where i am with it, with the cockpit and pilots done and the hull in primer.
It was a joy to paint, and the very comprehensive decal sheet very easy to work with.


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