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BARC Speeder Advice needed


I need to pick the brains of forum members for this one . For some time I've harboured plans to build a Republic BARC Speeder ( as featured in ROTS and the Clone Wars series ) in 1/6 scale . The thing is though , the majority of my scratch-builds ( if not all !) have been based around flat sided "box-like" shapes and as the speeder has a number of curved surfaces and structures , I would appreciate a little advice on the best way of achieving this . The obvious way ( or so I think) would be to build up a series of "ribs " like the skeleton of a ships hull , using sections of balsa ( as this would appear to be easier to sand ) and fill in the gaps with a filler . My tools and materials are definately of the "kitchen table-top" variety ( although I have at my disposal some pretty good old Minicraft power tools ) so moulding , casting and the like are not on my agenda ( at the moment anyway ) . I've quite a bit of reference and also have a Hasbro toy as my "prototype" . So , am I thinking in the right direction or does anyone have any better ideas ? :think:



speeder bike help

Hello MR Thundergod,
I spotted your post and as I love scratchbuilding myself and have been helped by other model makers along the way try this metheod for forming round shapes nothing technical I use a thin tube but you have to insert a solid bar inside of it sprue or evergreen rod then bend the tube with the rod inside very slowly keep shaping it untile the tube becomes some where near the shape you need the remove the solid bit glue the shaped piece in place then work round the tube with you finished patterns.

hope this helps a bit if not let me know here are a couple of pics which may show you what you can do with this method,

regards Barrie ( the old guy )


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Thanks barrie , the BARC Speeder is still on the agenda sometime in the future . In the interim I've a few projects with which to get my (very rusty) skills up to scratch ! ( Pardon the pun!)


One of my side projects, when I'm not working on the Moon Mobile, is an own-design spaceship which has a very Thunderbird 2 style nose. I've built the nose section up by gluing together some extruded polystyrene blocks with cardboard templates, then carving that down to the approximate shape, then sealing with PVA glue before applying car filler and sanding to shape.


These are going to be used as mould bucks on my homemade vacuforming table.


If you've been following the moonmobile build, you'll know how I bent plastic sheet by wrapping it round a pipe which I dipped in water. This can be used to make one-dimensional curved parts in a similar manner, as long as the buck only curves one way.
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I've considered using polystyrene or even balsa like you suggest . One thing that has put the build "on hold " is that I was considering producing the model as a kit , which would obviously influence how I proceeded . If it was just a "one-off" and therefore wouldn't need casts taking off of it , then I'd consider doing the whole thing in styrene/ABS ( I've recently gotten access to a decent amount ) and simply sanding/filing until I got the correct shape(s).
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