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Best Games of 2012

Hi guys..
i want to share my best game of 2012..Journey,Trials Evolution,Guild Wars 2, Max Payne 3
XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored..So, Tell me friends which one game is best according to you???

free games online to play @


about a week ago played a bit of dishonored )
been 3d busy since !

yet to install max payne 2 or 3 , have them , yet to play them , one day , in the collection tho for a play at later date )


Which one of you lot suggested "FTL"?? Because I've spent WAY too long playing the damn thing! Steam even has the nerve to tell me how much time I've wasted on it! It's a fantastic throw-back to the 80's, when computer power and graphics were seriously limited and playability came to the fore.

And I should know.. the PC I have on my desk has more storage (3TB), processors (Intel x2, plus a graphics card with a vector processor), and is faster than the DEC VAX 8800 I learnt to program on in those days. (and which I had to share with about 200 other students)...