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Big Finish Audiobooks - Space 1999 coming Sept 2019



New Space:1999! I honestly never thought I'd see it. I will admit I am a little disappointed we're not getting 'Companion Chronicles' style releases, but hopefully Nick Tate, Prentis Hancock etc can be persuaded to jump in for guest roles. I remember Mark Bonnar from other roles, but I am not familiar with Maria Theresa Creasey (Helena) or Clive Hayward (Victor)... looking forward to hearing their takes on those characters.

I wonder if they will stick with a Year One type of story, or maybe try to merge the style of the two seasons...?
Just listened to it. Interesting reboot. It changes the personalities of Koenig and Helena, almost reversing them, but I found it refreshing. Can't have reserved or minimalist acting (Helena s1 I'm looking at you) in a voice medium, to be sure, so everyone is more emotional and verbose.

It's basically a 2 hour retelling of Breakaway. It also fully fleshes out the planet Meta signals (which was ever resolved), the Meta probe mission, the waste dumps and the radiation affecting the astronauts, as well as a different, more "scientific" explanation for the whole "blasting the moon out of orbit". In fact, they even mention in dialogue that an explosion big enough to move the moon would also reduce it to rubble. And if there is a villain, it's definitely Simmons.

Fun stuff, I'll definitely be listening to more. Don't know how the many visually-unknown-mystical-horror themes of S1 will play out vocally, but I'm anxious to hear more.