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Hello every one, its been a long time since I posted I know but I have been busy with a large scratch build for the National film and sci fi museum in Milton Keynes.
I was asked to build another large scale Sulaco ship to be put on display in the Museum, it was built as one main model with a few delicate parts to be added after the final paint work was completed.
As many of you know I love building models but I am no painter. After the model was collected I was contacted about building a large model of the Leonov from the film 2010, and yes you guessed I had a go at making an 8 foot version of the ship which is still in the build stage and has not yet left for the museum. Let me know what you think as good feed back helps me to do better on models I might be building in the future.

all of you keep safe distance and keep well
regards Barrie ( the old guy )DSC01063.JPGDSC01166.JPGDSC01175.JPGDSC01259.JPGDSC01284.JPGDSC01293.JPGDSC01288.JPGDSC01063.JPGDSC01166.JPGDSC01175.JPGDSC01259.JPGDSC01284.JPGDSC01293.JPGDSC01288.JPG