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Big Thunderbird 3


Howdy Gent's,

As we are a Global group of fan's for all thing's Anderson? I am hoping one of you may be able to give me a lead or a link in my quest for a large TB 3? I know a rare kit was made in Japan called,"Big Model" as i have there large TB 1? But sadly i can not track down there TB 3 kit as it would be rather large? My google searches for Tb 3 kits in general has got me no where i need your helpppp pleaseeee?


paul gray

Forum Supporter
how big do you want to go? AB models did a very big one i think and i had a 3 foot one made of fibreglass. they may still be out there
cheers Paul


Hi Paul,

Now your talk'n, ohhh darnnnn,"you had a 3ft one out of fiberglass" that must have been rather nice? An your right AB models had a large 3 long ago i totally forgot about them, i shall see if i can contact them?

I really appreciated your help on this, i would just like a nice sized TB3 to display next to Alan?


Not that its much good to someone in lovely Canada but Modelzone were selling them off for £150. Not to my taste but a nice piece. I think Comet Miniatures still had one left but they wanted £300.


if i can recall seaview aka peter hutton does a three footer,and he is here on the forum.Nice to hear from you again captainplaid.


I am aware of two large versions of TB3 from Japan.

A limited edition vinyl kit that when built should be about 24" tall, and which I am fortunate enough to own.

Imai advertised large resin kits of both TB1 and TB3 to compliment the large resin on foam TB2 they also produced in the 1990s. Whilst I know TB2 along with Zero-X and the Mole were made I have never seen any evidence of TB1 or TB3.


Forum Supporter
Managed to take a few pics. but I don't seem to have been authorised to attach images...I'm really cr@p at this posting lark...

Captain Sci-Fi

And here they are....

Steve sent me these images of the vinyl kit, nice stuff thanks:



Wowww thank you very much for posting this images it looks the stuff for sure? I have also been looking at the post "TB3 color" which has been a field of info with great screen caps as well?