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Black Sun Personell?


I wonder if anybody else noticed this in the episode Black Sun?
When the escape eagle is being prepared,the alphans listen to Koenig on the tannoy as he gives the names of those who will be saved,standing in the entrance of an eagle is Sandor Eles,who appeared in Hammer films'Evil of Frankenstein,Countess Dracula,the tv series Timeslip as German commander Gottfried and even Crossroads. The actor died some time ago but is not credited on the episode at all or even in any other source. I'm sure it is Eles,but wonder if anybody else noticed this...?


You might want to forward that info to Martin Willey of The Catacombs. (He goes under the username 'martin' here on this forum.) He's constantly updating his website as new confirmable info comes to light. :)