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Blakes 7 K47 Plague Ship


So, third time lucky!
Twice before, i've had a go at making this, the first type of Wanderer Class ship seen on the show, being inspired by the builds and kit detective work on show in these very pages.
First time, i gave up after getting two of the Shuttle kits, after realising just how bulky the ship would be.
Second time, i made the mistake of buying the cheaper Revell version, which didn't work as the parts were same but different.
Anyway, here i go again, with all four tanks nabbed.
I'm going to be following Fallingstars build for info, but there's some areas on it that weren't discussed, so i'm hoping you lovely folk will be able to help me out. Hopefully!212757982_10158353307286104_3621309214188846018_n.jpg


So, this cone affair at the back. Do we know if it was an EMA cone, as suggested in Fallingstar's build thread?
Only, i'm sure a cone i've got is from EMA but it doesn't have the cut ridging on the inside as mentioned there.



I thought the EMA cones were ridged inside like that so you could fit different diameters of pipe etc into them?
Doesn't sound like what you have is from EMA


Yeah, that's what was shown on Fallingstars thread. I'm just about to do an EMA order and will buy one and see


Hey folks, counting on your vast modelling experience to help me out here please?
I'm having trouble identifying this piece circled in red.
People have suggested wheel arches for the Airfix Recovery/Refueling sets, but they would be far too small.
Others say a plumbing connector but, if you look at the broken one, its far too thin. And, besides, it wouldn't smash like that. But a kit part would.
I'm pretty sure its a wheel arch, but 1/35th, probably Tamiya.
Or maybe as big as 1/24th - i know Mat used a couple of pieces from an AMT Peterbilt truck on another model, so they could have been laying around.
Anyone got any clues?

Do you know how big it is? It reminds me of the open end of a marker pen cut in half. That would be just over half an inch across. I used lids like that in a modelling project a few years ago to make the cannon on a 40k Imperial Guard Shadowsword but now I can't find that exact sort of lid again. I'll try to upload a picture of the lid later on to show what I mean.


That's not a bad match. But, the one i'm after is about an inch across. And, the fact that the edge curves down into a lip, makes me think more and more its a wheel arch. Ta for the suggestion though!