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BLAKES 7 - Pursuit ship and Scorpio reference help / required



Later on this year I'm looking to build a CG version of the pursuit ship as well as update a CG model of the Scorpio I started several years ago.
I've gathered as much information and reference as I possibly can from the internet, screenshots and various magazine (TV Zone / Sci-Fi and fantasy modeller)

There are already a few threads here that featured some excellent reference which I've been using as a guide.If anyone here has any of these images in a higher resolution or other images of these studio models, could they please get in touch or post here please. I've tried to contact a few of you that had previously posted images via the messages section here but I don't know if they have gotten through so thought I'd post this thread.

For the pursuit ship, I've been collating this reference into a guide for when I start building - I've (fingers crossed) attached this here and hope to update it when I can get some clearer reference.

With regard to the Scorpio, I'm also looking to get in touch with Andy Lazell so if anyone knows him or is able to contact him on my behalf that would be appreciated.

Any help would be appreciated,




Extra details

over the years I have collected photo reference material for models I hope to make. Please find attached what I have of this ship. I cannot say where they came from as I really cannot remember. If any shouldn't be there please say and I will remove them


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