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Blueprints and drawings section - PLEASE READ

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Here are blueprints and drawings to aid builders.

Although they are posted here for personal interest and entertainment you must not use them for commercial or profit making purposes.

You can use these resources to help your own model design & construction and these are drawn and offered with the best accuracy available. Many hours of research have gone into the preparation of this material please do not distribute freely. It is always best to post the link to this board area and help promote the ETF forum.

Contributors retain copyright of their material.

If you have material or comments to aid the development of this section please forward to

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
UFO Blueprint and reference images

Hi AMC Member,

Here are the UFO images and a drawing I used to produce my 9" Model. You can print and use this for your own model building efforts but please do not pass this around as it is still my copyright. This drawing is not for commercial use.

If you need any help or want to make a comment please email



  • My Published drawing.jpg
    My Published drawing.jpg
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Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Photo Reference

Attached are many images I used to produce the above drawing including the Phil Rae Blueprint reproduced with his kind permission


  • ufoBlueprint1.jpg
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  • ufoBlueprint2.jpg
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