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Bob Smith's Battlestar....

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Guys,

I had a busy day today clocking up 400 miles running errands, meeting some customers and finally ending up at the home of one Bob Smith. Bob is someone I had been wanting to meet for a very long time, he is one half of the AB Models team producing many kits that resin garage kit buyers would be very familiar with including the amazing 44" Eagle.

Bob's talent is wide ranging and no subject seems to be beyond his scope, his workshop is a treasure trove of model making. Everywhere you look there are models in progress, he is from the old school of the "inspirational style" when the muse takes him he makes progress, then every thing stops for awhile until she visits him again. I saw a few projects that had been started with real promise but had been put to one side waiting better reference, Bob sometimes has to be a patient man.

I have seen some of Bob's work in Phil Rae's collection and had always been impressed. I now had the chance to look over a few projects well along the road to completion but without any paint. This is the stage when you get a much better understanding of the work involved in producing a kit bashed model with the added complication of part reduction. Galactica is covered in half sized scratch built (for the most part) kit details. It still has a long way to go but it is such a delight to see it in the "raw".

Bob has spent some 5 years on and off working up to this detail level. It still needs additional detail for the front and rear sections. Imagine what it will look like after he has added the scribed details and other fussy bits. To say it made my eyes pop out is an understatement.

Before anyone asks, this one is sold...... to me!!

Thanks for the very warm welcome and sharing your work Bob. :thumbup:



Wow, is that all opal perspex? That's nice to see - so many modelmakers (myself included) hesitate in stepping up to the 'pro' materials! :thumbup:

That is going to be one sweeet ride!!

Big Rab

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She is looking fantastic Bob, I'm really looking forward to getting mine started now.

Thanks again for your help :thumbup:


That is stunning work Bob. I'm glad to see you have almost finished the kitchen, looks like you just need some tiling and your done. By the way did you finish the ss hawk you were working on?
I just noticed the rear hawk motor in the photo and the XL5 looks huge.
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Wow, fantastic work, Bob! As someone who is very familiar with the Galactica, I can say that you have done a great job replicating the detail in the smaller scale. That is quite difficult to say the least. I know this because before my current G build, I scratched up a 4 foot Battlestar, detailing it very much like you have, but with no resin casting involved. Building all those Roco tanks individually was 'fun'.:think: I can see that a lot of work has gone into this build.

But I have to say that I'm really impressed by this model. Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated on it's progress. Also when we can get our hands on another 44 Eagle kit....:)



Hi guys,

Many thanks for the kind words.

The basic shape is constructed from 3mm thick opal acrylic, superglued together, and is a great material for painting.

Bernie has already earmarked this for his collection, so I've just (ha, ha) got to finish it. I got hung-up at one point trying to replicate everything at half-size, but thankfully I got through it.

Hi John - Kitchen is indeed almost there (just waiting for the electrician), then it's onto tiling. the Hawk in the photo is another ongoing scratchbuild at approx. 19" long (the SS Hawk is also still ongoing). The Fireball is yet another ongoing scratchbuild at 24" long.

I'll update as and when, but I'm currently on another break from the Galactica. I'm now back working on a SS Zeroid c/w Stand, and accompanying Cube, SS Hudson, and SS Battletank (Terrahawks is a favourite of mine), as well as many, many other things (to many models, and not enough time).

Plus................................I'm already planning on a SS jetmobile to go with a Fireball XL5 puppet:thumbup:

That's all for now folks.