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*BREAKING* Moonbase Eternal: Suzanne Roquette


:2c: :(

Such sad news, to start off this Friday Morning (local). Andersonia social media is reporting news of the passing of Space:1999's Suzanne Roquette, Year One's Main Mission regular Tanya Alexander...

She was the very first 1999 cast member I ever met (the only other would be Barry Morse, also sadly gone), at a convention many, many years ago. A lovely lady, in every way. I remember giving Tanya more to do in the fanfic I was writing back then; and that continued in more recent years, when I updated and revised some of those stories and wrote a new one about the Alphans finally finding their Terra Alpha - and had Tanya running Main Mission itself!

You were such a pleasure to get to meet, ma'am. Know that you will be missed...


Sad to learn of her passing. Her sophisticated good looks and cool demeanor were a tangible element of Main Mission
RIP Dear Lady