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Can anyone help identifying this article?


Back in the late seventies/early eighties, i had a really annoying habit of cutting articles out of magazines rather than keeping the whole thing.
Yeah, i know.
Anyone, i've just come across these in my Mum's attic - had totally forgotten about it but, on glance glance, it all came flooding back on how much insperation i got from it.
I'd love to know where i got it from so i could buy the whole magazine again - but what's it from.
Would any of you knowledgeable folk happen to know?
Pretty sure its not Cinemagic or Fantasy Modeler.


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Slate Mcleod

Are those all the images and text you have? I seem to remember Matt Irvine doing a small article in 2000AD about 78,79, it could be that - going off the typeface alone. I can't make out from the images which ship/building it is but it looks very old school BBC to me rather than ILM etc. Some parts look as if they maybe from the Outland refinery model - think that was made about 78/79, but that really is an outside guess. I also recall Starburst doing a big article on that around the same time. Possibly an article in Starlog as well, the typeface is typical for the time. Sorry - I am just rambling - was fascinated by your question to be honest! I also was the fool who cut up his original Doctor who 1973 Radio Times special and so many other rarities we now have to purchase back on E:bay for ridiculous prices, so I feel your pain. As kids we just had an urge to scrap book everything rather than keep the originals safely!!! Crazy talk nowadays ofcourse :) Yes - I also OPENED all of my Palitoy original Star Wars figures and vehicles and actually PLAYED with them! Later in life I realise those small moments of pleasure cost me dearly in financial terms.
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Hey, cheers for the pointers!
Pretty sure its not a copy of Starburst, Starlog, Cinemagic nor Fantasy Modeler as i still have them complete.
I'm thinking, as i cut the article out rather than keeping the whole issue like above, that it might've been in a magazine that wasn't devoted to the subject - like Scale Modeler or somesuch.