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Can you tell what it is yet?

OK, it's time to get serious on my Magnum Opus project, and here is a teaser to be getting on with.

The guy in the middle is a Games Workshop 28mm Heroic scale "Space Marine". The model on the left is made from parts of the Airfix 1:144 scale "Saturn V", the one on the right from the Revell 1:96 scale.

P.S. Anyone got a spare Nebelwerfer rocket I can buy for the nosecone of the smaller one?
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I can indeed, and am looking forward to seeing more, and have been wondering what happened to Glazy's project.
Gonna be a long time before mine are ready, Ham. I have already worked out that I need to stop work on the larger one as it will need a filming armature inside it. And if the larger one has to have one, why not put one in the smaller one too?

The larger one will have to have removable wings and fins for transport, and it may well be an idea to work that on the smaller one, and if I can find someone who can work out what I need and how to put it together, then lights are not out of the question either!

And in the times where I am stumped, don't have materials, or inspiration, or can't progress this for whatever reason, and can't work on the props (Federation rifle, Liberator hadngun, Liberator Teleport bracelet.) I am trying to work on a Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 army, a 39" Seaview, a couple of written projects, and some 28mm scale figures of Servalan, Travis, some Federation Troopers, and before too long Blake himself from Crooked dice.