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Cap'n back on deck....

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Guys,

Just to let everyone know that I have been working away from the office for the last two weeks. I was staying in touch via my iPhone but it died after 5 days and I then realised that I had left my charging lead at home *sigh* why don't Apple make a USB type charging lead the same as everyone else... :doh:

I can't believe so much has changed, it feels like I have been away for months. If I don't get to your email or PM right away I apologise. I have almost 1200 emails as a return home present :sweat:

I am interviewing for more full time staff as the administration side of my business has become unmanageable on my own. Donald has given me a few recommendations that I will follow up this week - thanks mate :thumbup:

Onwards and upwards.



Assistant Commander
Staff member
*turns off the movie playing on the moonbase alpha monitors*

Welcome Back Captain :)

Captain Sci-Fi

Board changes....

Hi Guys,

Please pay careful attention to to board announcements over the next week.

We are just about to move from one host to another to complete the unlimited bandwidth package. This is an important step in what is a complicated process. Chris Dye (karr1981) has been testing this extensively but there is always the small chance we missed something so we are not rushing this part of the process.

Once completed, we will have more room to grow and I will start to reorganise the thread structure in earnest. There will be no need to use a third party image host (like Photobucket or Flickr) if you don't want to. AMC members will benefit with more space in their albums to add a lot more photos and we will start to assemble the reference section as already outlined.

Exciting days lay ahead and this is a huge amount of work but everything will be more readily available. If there is something you would like to especially see or can offer something for inclusion let me know.



Commander Ret.

Bernie has some important things to sort out and I would kindly ask for your patience at this time.

Thanks. :)


I have no problem with your statement,but a short statement from Bernie would have prevented me bumping the thread in the first place,i am sure i am not the only person waiting for ordered goods,but so far,any question regarding these goods has went unanswered.

If there is/has been a issue/problem/Personal Matter, i am sure a short statement would have been in order.

This would reassure any potential customers who like me, have also paid upfront.

I think an estimated lead time would be in order to keep people updated,rather than a non response.


Commander Ret.
Understood but please rest assured that Bernie has his customers' interests at heart and will attend them as soon as he can. :)

Captain Sci-Fi

An important day....

Hi Guys,

This will be a long post so get coffee and get comfortable as I am going to bring you all up to speed on the events of the past almost 3 months.

First a big thank you to those people who have supported me, covered in my absence and let me take care of business away from the forum without badgering and adding to my problems.

I have had to deal with serious circumstances lately in both political and legal arena's and things have now just settled so I can talk about what has happened more openly.

Just after I assumed control of the board in February a situation occurred where two factions fell out as one faction felt they had been wronged by other members in posts on this board. The situation degenerated to the point where some people were ejected by me as they wouldn't stop making threats, some left in support of them and the situation became very messy. I thought the dust would settle and our quiet enjoyment would return, as it happens I couldn't have been more wrong.

Legal threats followed culminating in solicitors letters with costs incurred by me of over ?2000. The worst of this was losing control of the forum to people who would not see past their own anger in arguments that had nothing to do with me. It seems that because I control what is published here (and the delete button) I am personally and legally responsible for the behaviour of the members.

You will notice the new terms and conditions statement, long winded and complicated as they maybe I have been forced by circumstances to place these in the way of everyone's enjoyment to try to opt out and protect myself as much as possible legally. This is the only reason these extra rules are in place I am not looking to usurp anyone's copyright or Intellectual Property rights but neither can I afford to ignore the consequences of a third party actions. I cannot afford to champion anyone's causes however they are offended or damaged so any sign of this type of activity will be removed. I will not tolerate incitement, veiled threats, allegations (whether unfounded or proven against any member), anything which could be considered flirting with libel or slander in any form and at my absolute discretion will remove without recourse. I do not want any statement that gives me the sinking feeling.

Unfortunately it doesn't stop there.

I am cancelling the UFO KIT and any further planned kit releases from any subject involved with copyright from Carlton Media or anything that is licensed to one of the agents of any product under copyright.

This will not affect the forum and is a buy off to prevent further threats of action. I am doing this as I will not close a number of members accounts because of another parties desire for punitive action, neither will I reinstate banned members as a result of this debacle. In other words I have to take a threat of escalation of action seriously but won't allow any further interference with the forum.

Over the next week I will be contacting members who have ordered this kit to arrange refunding payments. I will also be selling the equipment and tooling generated so far to any interested party. Because of my involvement in owning and maintaining this forum I am left vulnerable if I produce any unlicensed product and at real risk of losing the forum. I can't allow that, so I am taking the decision to remove myself from the kit market and keep the forum. Model parts are not a problem so I can now fulfil orders taken and start shipping them.

To everyone who has ordered from me I really appreciate your patients, this is not a choice I make voluntarily but to resolve part of my settlement circumstances. I can't say more than this.

So the lessons learned... Guys for the love of god PLEASE don't get irate with each other, use the report a post button BEFORE getting angry publicly and making that regrettable post.

I am loyal to the forum and want to stay on friendly terms with everyone. My desire to do this and my ability to do this should not be confused. I am in a rather unique position and will sometimes be put in a position where, to maintain a good balance, I have to walk a thin line between these two.

I cannot get involved in arbitration between members however I feel about the issues personally so please, take any disputes off forum via email or telephone as in the end it lessens the enjoyment for everyone.


Captain Sci-Fi

Back to business as usual please....

Hi Rob,

I need to make something else clear, these matters are now settled. I really appreciated the support, understanding and general encouragement offered from the community here.

I am now firmly looking to the future, Chris Potter put it very well when he suggested we look at this as being a fresh start so I am going to do exactly that, draw a line and move on. Chris Trice called me this morning to express his support personally and reminded me that this board's greatest strength is the vibe this community produces. With guys like him aboard, I am looking forward to enjoying this party again.

Chris Dye (Karr1981) and myself are moving forward with the board restructure, he has had some really good ideas and lengthy discussions via Skype have boiled the plans down to two main requirements:

The reference material, this is the invaluable culminated knowledge, the library if you like of all that has been discussed about these models and all the discoveries that make this hobby so interesting for me.

Secondly the social interaction, the pure fun of hanging out and chatting about stuff just having fun and enjoying the company.

We are working on the first intensely grouping facts, photos, member builds and general model making advice so you can find and use this information easily. This is a dynamic area and threads like the Thunderbirds Fire Engines, The Grey and Houseman Tractor and the Heli-Jet build threads being perfect examples of what can be done when talented people play together. There is much more to be discovered yet. This year is going to be busy as I complete the Robert & S.I.D. threads and I am also planning to look at Moonbase Alpha and pull all I can find into a reference thread here, CAD a working drawing and eventually building a model. Who knows what else will come along? We are a community of many talented people, anything is possible.


Steve Gerard

Captain Sci-Fi (Bernie) it is a good sound plan for this ETF. We are all behind you with support. Thank you, Chris Dye (Karr1981) and all the moderators too.:thumbup:



Good to have you back Bernie, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and I'm looking forward to seeing the new improvements coming our way ! My thanks again to you for taking over the helm, I can forsee us heading in a very interesting direction.


Welcome home, Bernie!
have a seat in your comfy chair, crack open a cold one, and just stare at the wallpaper a bit.
Does me a world of good.
Cheers, Jeff


Wow... you must have amazing patience and dedication to have put up with all that.
More power to you! :thumbup:

I don't understand why people would go to such lengths to try and throw a spanner in the works of such an innocent, sociable and enjoyable little pastime. :thumbdown:
Enough said.

Here's to the future!
And many thanks to you of course!
So sorry about your recent troubles. There always seem to be a few short sighted people who ruin it for the majority.

Anyway. Welcome back!


Bernie, so sorry to hear about your problems and I totally agree with you that the forum comes first. It's sad to that we wont get the UFO kit, but you dont want to put yourself in any arena that may cause you trouble. It's also sad that, whatever has happened, members cant enjoy the fruits of your labours, not for any profit but for knowing that members would have taken pleasure in your kit.

Anyway, as others have said, onwards and upwards or, as Buzz Lightyear put it, to Infinity and beyond!!!

Take care.


Captain Sci-Fi

UFO Model

Hi Les,

Many thanks for your kind words.

Not everything is lost as I have decided to carry on with making CAD drawings and researching the kit detailing from the studio models. You will soon be able to access all this information through the new areas we have created and are currently testing.

Still enjoyable and exciting and the social aspect to our community is as strong as ever.

Thanks mate :thumbup: