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Captain Scarlet and Godzilla


As a big fan of the Godzilla films, one of my favorite spacecraft designs is of the Moonlight SY-3 that appeared in “Destroy All Monsters.” A number of years go, I was watching the episode “Renegade Rocket” and noticed a similarity between the VGR and the SY-3. Scarlet was televised in 1967 and DAM released in 1968. Gerry Anderson’s television programs were always very popular in Japan. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

I am posting a photo of a replica of the SY-3 with a screencap of the VGR.


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I dunno - it's not outside the realms of possibility. But what I think is more likely is that both designs probably started life as F-111 kit. In the mid-late '60s swing-wing (sorry, variable geometry) were all the rage and the most notable example was the F-111. IMO, the shape of the fuselage of both very closely resemble the F-111.

Revell, Airfix and Aurora all had F-111 kits out at the time but would suggest the SY-3 may well have been the Aurora kit being 1:48 and larger.


While I certainly agree with you on the swing wing design, what I meant was the overall design of both vehicles. Beside the variable geometry wings, the placement of the dorsal and ventral stabilizers mid-fuselage are unusual (attached is a screencap of the SY-3 in flight which I found on the Web) and proportions of the fuselage/wing size and shape/vertical and dorsal stabilizer size and location are pretty close.

The SY-3 miniatures were made of wood. At the time, the majority of FX miniatures in Japan were almost made entirely from scratch.

And I remember that Aurora F-111 kit. It was part of a line of very large plastic kits. Got the B-70, B-58, and the Black Widow night fighter. It's somewhere in a box up in the garage.


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