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Captain scarlet replica puppets


New to this
I am a vintage toy collector of 20 years and have only recently over the last few years stepped up to the replica prop scene.
I own a replica smiling face troy tempest that I think was made by toby chaimberlain back in the 90's.
I did have the this planet earth captain scarlet and black in spectrum uniform but for some reason I always felt there was something just not right with them.
I am sure if it were they were new or if it was all the body/parts were cast solid.
Anyway I am looking for somebody on here to make some good replica scarlet puppets.


they are exppensive to make due to the cost of finding the right leather colours i make puppets but cant compleat them due to this fact www.*****************.com

I do not have the skills needed to complete the clothing myself I would need them all done.
I have seen quite a few so called replica's in my search since I had the TPE versions.
I really want a real finished replica that I can be happy with.
Hopefully as close to a real puppet as possible ,not solid cast.
I have seen terrys puppets and obviously they are the cream by I have not got £3800 for each one that I would like.

Captain Sci-Fi

We supply a line of puppets from a professional puppet maker, here is an example of his work recently completed, the whole range of Spectrum personnel are available, PM me for a price list: