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Cassini Design- Sky 1 and TB Helijet


He's a member on here, CaptanApollo, but has not been about lately.
I have the Sky1 model, a very nice kit, I'm hoping he will still be doing the diver section to go with Sky1.

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Jimboh,

Captainapollo (Jim Millet) is an Emmy award winning industry professional and has been working flat out on projects. Just like the Terminator, he'll be back. :D


Hi all, just found my way back through the time portal ,a very busy 6 months .All patterns for the diver are now complete, only moulds to do,my other half, has also made an extensive list, of things to do around the house,:eek: Im also going to try and finish the Ram spider, my almost complete contest entry. as well as a nearly complete studio scale recovery vehicle, from pit of peril post some pictures soon.

Captain Sci-Fi

Something scaley this way comes? Terra Nova looks to be very exciting.

Can't wait to see the Diver section, big fan of Jim's work and it's one of my favourite designs. :D