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CM Clamps - what size brass strip


I have made some CM clamps from brass channel for my 44" build, but am having difficulty identifying / obtaining the required brass strip to secure the tube part of the assembly to the front frame section.

I estimate this is 1/8" or about 3mm wide and is wrapped around the frame and clamp piece - 6 being needed in all for the four clamps.

Does anyone have any idea what the original was made from, and where I can obtain the necessary brass strip to make these. The smallest I seem to be able to find is 1/4" strip and I don't really relish the thought of cutting it down.

Thanks for your help in advance :thumbup:



Thanks for the offer, but most of those brass strips
are easy to find in every hobby shop in North-America,
if they sell the K & S parts, like these :

Those displays are very helpfull, you can test-fitting
before you buy, i don't know if you have them in UK.

They don't sell the 1/8 x 1/32, but i can buy the 1/4 x 1/32
and cut it in half using a chopper at my job, like i did
for a 3/8 strip that i needed for my spine jig :

As you can see DX, i got the rings, thank you so much,
they are awesome.

Really, what i found out on metalsmith is the brass channel
for the footpad, i've found some in aluminium here but i wanted
it in brass.

And one of the last part i'm looking for, still don't know
where it comes from, it's that round shaped tube just bellow
the upper plate of the leg assembly :

I don't know its origin :rant: or if it was specialy made for the eagle only.


Thanks for your help.
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Glad the rings got there safely.

The leg bodies were custom turned on a lathe from 1/2" stock. This thread may give you a better idea.

K&S is fine except the strip is guillotined which means it's not truly flat. The edges tend to be slightly rounded. If you're going to make your own, I'd be more inclined to stick a piece of 1/32nd brass sheet to a piece of plywood or MDF board with double sided tape and run it through a fine toothed bandsaw. You need to clean the edges up with a file but at least you only need to make very short lengths at a time. The listing on Metal Smith basically lists K&S on the bottom half of the page but the 'T', 'U' channel and other precision sections are milled from solid and very accurate. Having said that, I don't know how the strip in question is produced since it's supplied in a roll but I imagine adequate in the context we're talking about.
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Does anyone know where I can get the brass to make the beak clamps for the CM? I've hit a dead end. Any ideas too will help.