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Colonial Marines APC 1/16th Scale


Greetings all!
Okedoke then, a build from 2009 using some parts I had from a rake of cast stuff done in the way back in mid 1995.

This was put together with the last of the parts I had laying around, moulds now all shot/useless/gone and the masters I made had long since gone the way of the dodo.

Probably the better build I ever did of this and one of only two with the full interior. When I made the first masters, the layout and plans made mostly from a combination of the Halcyon model kit, what little info I could find and more than a fair bit of guesswork.
So not accurate by any stretch of the imagination and because of the requested interior, more than a few compromises made to the exterior shapes most notably the wheel wells.

That said, overall it doesn't look too shabby methinks so there we have it.

Gallery link page to 27 large res pics:

The 15 page WIP build log opening bit:

And lastly, a few thread pics swiped from the last page of the WIP log.

And fret thee not thy Gerry Anderson fans, later this year and into the next, I have some GA related nonsense of the model kind to get into.
More on that when the time comes :D

Go easy out there all!

Captain Sci-Fi

I could see more Alien stuff.... :D

That interior has captured the flavour of the full size set brilliantly. The lit screens look terrific.

I caught the Prometheus teaser and brief interview on cable it looks so exciting I just can't wait.

I have been gathering information for a large scale Narc build, I love that little ship, I photographed the Halcyon kit awhile back it just looks so right somehow especially against a star field of black space.

I feel all inspired now and as soon as time allows I will get to it. :D