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Comet Miniatures 7cm Eagle Transporter


Hello, and thanks for letting me join this forum. I am a 50 year old geek that used to watch SPACE 1999 as a kid and love the Eagle Transporter. I own a few Dinky ones and my priced possession is a mint boxed brand new 1975 Dinky Transporter which takes pride of place in my display cabinet.

I have been looking at purchasing the Sixteen 12 landing pad that is now on order but just cannot afford to invest in this model. Therefore I have started again to scratch build a landing pad but I am having great difficulty in finding some scale eagles for the pads. Back in the early 1990's I used to have a white metal one from Comet Miniatures, from memory it was 1/350 scale and measured just under 10cm long.
I recently tried to get some 3D printed but 2 was going to cost me around £40.

Does anyone know where I could purchase some small scale eagles (white metal or plastic) at an affordable price?

Many Thanks in advance for your help!