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Comet Tv


OK, fellow West-Coasties, here's a heads-up: it's about 9:30 pm or so Pacific Daylight, and I just saw Breakaway (joined in progress) and Force of Life on my computer, via Comet TV's live feed! :) :)


Yeah, I have all the Dad's too, but there is just something about watching it come on regular tv. I don't know what it is exactly, but when the previous show ends and Space 1999 starts, still gives me goosebumps.

Anyway. Collision Course and War Games tonight!!


Tick-Tock (or Not)...

Roger that. Just checked Comet's program schedule against current live feed (Doctor Who '60s flick, with Peter Cushing); and there seems indeed to be a 3-hr time difference :~: between here on the Pacific, and what the schedule says!

Sooo...fellow West-Coasties, looks like we'd better check out Comet's live feed this evening (Sun) at 7 pm PDT, for our latest double-serving of classic Alphan adventures! :eek: :clap:

ADD: if you're watching the live feed, check out upper-left corner of the screen; it'll tell you what's showing at that moment...rather-tiny lettering, I thought, but nonetheless discernable!
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Ah yes, the still-sublime Black Sun! :#:


We knew who these people were (even if some later second-yr producer claimed otherwise)...