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Comet's B7 Liberator kit


I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate for what a Comet Liberator kit would fetch on the market these days. This is an unbuilt kit from around 1990.
Thanks for any advice.


Deputy Commander
Staff member
The standard white plastic kits seem to fetch between £50 and £80 on eBay, and the rarer kits moulded in clear plastic fetch about £100. There is supposed to be a super-rare transparent green version of the kit (only a handful were made), but I've never seen one for sale.

Of course, these prices are dependant on various factors like if two bidders REALLY want one ...

Slate Mcleod

The transparent green version was really only useful for the globe at the back. Yes much easier if molded in green but hey can spray the clear plastic one green on the inside.