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Coming soon... Commander Koenig


OK, this is likely one of the dippiest threads I've ever started, as I currently have no way to upload pics, but since I briefly mentioned on another thread this work-in-progress, I might as well get a thread ready for it. I hope my prose description is enough to get the idea across!

Recently, the old Mr Spock kit from AMT was released after a 30 year absence. I never had this kit all those years ago, and bought one. Never satisfied with out-of-box models, as nice as this old kit was, I wanted to do something different, so I converted Spock from the tv series to young Spock from the Captain Pike era, complete with revised hair, old-school gun & communicator and a field jacket.

What's this got to do with Space: 1999's Commander Koenig?

I bought another Spock kit to convert to Alan Carter, but while scraping & sanding the face & hair, decided that it might be easier to make Koenig's face. The head pieces even had a collar that resembled Koenig's. So, away I went.

The uniform conversion was fairly simple, since Spock's uniform in the kit wasn't terribly different from and Alphan uniform. I extended the tunic a little with some strip styrene wrapped around the hips and sanded to blend seamlessly along the join line, simulating fabric folds. I took another strip of styrene for the belt and wrapped it around the waist. The short Spock boots were not Alpha issue, so I cut off the legs a little below the knees... I elected to go for the early S99 Season 1 field look with the almost knee-high boots. I added tube styrene to the tops of the boots to replace the parts of the legs I'd removed, then nested a second styrene tube into each. After allowing a couple of days dry time, I sanded the tubes to look more leg-like, while blending the join line with the top of the kit's boots. After making the knee areas look like fabric tucked into the boot tops, I secured the new boots to the legs. Finally, I added very thin strips of styrene along the left arm & left leg to simulate the zippers.

I fashioned a stun gun holster out of flat strip styrene, complete with an open snap that would hold a stun gun in place, and attached the holster to the belt. I removed Spock's phaser from his right hand, and shall replace it with scratch built stun gun.

I removed the communicator from Spock's left hand and fashioned a commlock to replace it, but realised that the arm position of the kit wouldn't allow my converted figure to be holding the commlock in a viewable position. So, I cut & repositioned the forearm & wrist a little bit.

As for the head, I gave Spock a haircut by scraping, filing & sanding away the Vulcan's fringe ('bangs' for the US readers) to more resemble Koenig's high forehead. I added a little strip styrene along the front of the hairline to match Koenig's Season 1 style, filed to shape, and used a razor saw to scrape 'hair' shapes into the new hairdo. I sanded the shape of the face to more resemble Koenig's cheeks & chin. At this point, the face looked a lot like Charlton Heston's George Taylor from the original Planet of the Apes. (I really should have pulled a silcone rubber mold of it at this point, but had no rubber and wanted to finish the project.) I carefully widened the mouth a little bit; most of this sculpting was done with an X-Acto knife and a needle file. I realised that the kit's nose was too short to match Koenig's, so I carefully cut off the lower portion of the nose just above the upper lip and inserted a wedge of styrene, then re-attached the nose bottom. After a couple of days, I carefully sculpted the wedge to blend in & sanded the nose to Koenig's shape. I next removed the Vulcan-style pointy ears, and have yet to attach the upper part of the human ears with tiny strips of styrene.

I'm using the kit's base for the model, but I may replace the three-headed serpent with something a little more 'realistic' and less recognisable. Haven't decided just what would replace it yet.

The figure is primed and has some pre-shading along the fabric folds, and is awaiting a light coat of the appropriate beige for the uniform and dark grey for the sleeve, collar & right sleeve stripe.

When I am able, I'll upload some pics, and when I actually finish this, shall post 'completion' pics in the Dragon's Domain board.
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By the way, if I can find another Spock kit that's affordable on my now limited budget, I'll do an Alan Carter conversion, likely sporting a laser rifle. I'll have his commlock clipped to his belt, and his stun gun holstered.

A quick addition to the Koenig model might be to add a field case like the one he had on Piri, but we'll see.

For your information, the Spock figure kit is about 1/12 scale, even though there's no designation on the box nor in the instructions.

Finally, if I recall correctly, Martin Landau had once been considered for the role of Spock, but turned it down. Interesting tie-in between Spock & Koenig, and ST & S99.


Having recently built the repop Spock kit, I am very interested in seeing pictures of your work. An ambitious project!


OK, I'm working on resizing & captioning the photos I have for this project, and hope to get them posted within a couple of days, assuming nothing comes up to prevent me from doing so. Unfortunately, I may have accidentally deleted some of the pics I took, those showing the modifications to the lower legs below the knees & the boot extensions, plus the commlock. Most of what I know I have involves the head & face, the body (including belt & holster), and the assembled figure with primer coat & pre-shading.

I'll try to find the missing pics, but if indeed they are gone, I'll post what I have.

Fun Pod

I've had a figure lying around for a similar project (I've never done a large scale figure before), so I'm looking forward to seeing how your project turns out, CR.


A couple days, a couple months... typical.

Good news is that I've got some of the pics ready. Bad news is that I seem to have lost some of them, namely ones showing the body & leg modifications, as well as the stun gun holster. I hope that they haven't been deleted, but in the meantime, here are shots of the head.

Here are a couple of the main body, at least...

Hope you like it! I don't know when the next set shall be posted...


Wow! Blown away!



Deputy Commander!!!!

A real renaissance man!:yes:

Great work!!:clap:


In the shots showing the head, it is not finished (painted/coated) in any way... that's just the kit's shiny plastic. As for my model at this moment, I'm at the priming stage, plus some 'pre-shading' in the fabric folds. I hope to dust a coat of beige over that, and hand paint highlights as needed... we'll see how it turns out! I'll use flat colours for the fabric, and gloss (or maybe satin, so it's just a little less shiny) for the belt & boots, and satin finish for the hair.

I'm not working the face any more; it's as close to Koenig (Martin Landau) as I can get, and even though I used various screen grabs for reference, I almost think that my model looks like a cross between the actor and the Gray Morrow illustrated version of Koenig on the cover of the first Charlton magazine comic. Even the pose is similar!

I'm hoping that the missing pics got saved to CD-ROM that's just misplaced; I'll post them here if I find them, of course.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! :)
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Assembly & modification is the relatively easy part for me... I hope that the paint phase goes as well! :eek:no: