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Comlock/Laser Gun - Request from a disabled fan.

Just received a message from this fellow (through Facebook’s Space:1999 page) and decided to post here in hopes that someone could possibly help him. Thank you!

“ Hi Jorge, my name is Carl Hansford i live in England i have been fan of space 1999 since it first came on, i used to own an comlock and laser gun until we was broken into it cost me my life savings , im disabled as well and they didnt care ,i did have some luck i got c mint condition calenders, Destination moon base Alpha 1999 2000. I got in Blackpool in England, if u know who r getting rid of any broken guns or comlocks very cheap please email me thanks


Has anyone followed up on this? If some members would like to donate some bits, I would like to build him one and see that he receives it.


I would like to donate my 1612 set to him and a few other bits , if it is still wanted.
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As i have seen this sort of thing before,does anyone know the person concerned?
i am having my doubts about this one,because i have found a person using the exact same e-mail address and judging by the profile picture they look just fine (apart from an index finger!)!/profile.php?id=100000223381988!/profile.php?id=100000223381988

`Carl Hansford MY Name is Carl Hansford, i was at wycliff from 1982-87. I was in mr richard keens class, then mr prentice the Art teatcher.then mr Dernies class for science mr jenkins,my old school mates were robert hamill, shaun gibbs, kevin hassell, andrew noble. If any body nos me get in touch my website
07 October 2010 at 22:42`

He was at school from 1982-1987 so would have totaly missed Space 1999 first time round! as stated

I may be wrong here,but people like Jim and Jorge are very kind hearted people,and i would not like to see them being taken a loan of.

As for the calenders,David Nightingale has these in stock at Thunderbooks in Blackpool,and regular customers have got them in the past for free,but if not he does them for a few quid each,hardly the scoop of the year

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Donald i think you might be right here,so prob a word of caution to everyone.Best bet is to contact him to find out a bit more about him etc .if he is genuine and i hope so ,then no doubt he will get bits and pieces from some of us.Oh if anyone is giving away a 44 incher throw it my way lol


If this is true...which after a look at kinda sceptical now. Its a shame to take advantage of good hearted people.
I’m afraid you guys are right, something with this fellow is definitely wrong…and it ain’t his alleged disability! :x He reappeared recently on Facebook Space: 1999 page (January 5th), again with the same story...only difference being, he doesn’t mention his disability anymore, just the stolen set.
Thanks Donald for bringing this up…I’m glad no-one (at least here at the ETF) has fallen for it and my apologies for any inconvenience caused…yes, I was a bit naive, but I won’t be next time, I assure you!