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COMMISSION Studio Scale Thunderbird 2

It's my 18th birthday coming up soon, and I was wondering if anyone would be at all willing to create a studio scale Thunderbird 2 for me.

If you are, could you please PM me a quote so I can get an idea of manufacture and delivery costs.

Many thanks.



Hi there George
I've only just come across your request and was wondering if you ever got any where with it.
If not then perhaps you could try Ben over in the Netherlands as he builds and sometimes sell excellent studio scale thunderbird replicas. I don't have a contact for him but he is on this site, perhaps you could try sending him a private message through this site.

all the best

Captain Sci-Fi

Sorry mate, slow on the uptake, there are a few good builders available with commission work you are best to get a few quotes and compare what you will get for the money. Make sure you get a written agreement including a date for delivery.

Happy birthday :D
You should see the 1/144 scale TB2 that Kaiyodo is coming out with,
there is a lot of rantings that it is not accurate to the studio version.