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Commlock Kits For Sale!!!!!


Hey Guys

I am moving these kits to the Taybor's Emporium and have made a price adjustment as well. I realize that the cost of the kit plus shipping has made this a little on the high side so therefore rather than going the e-bay route, I figure it would be better to give everyone a better chance to own one rather than spending a few weeks placing these up for auction.
The new price is $180 U.S. shipping included!
I will credit anyone that has already paid me the difference in price!

Don't miss your chance to own one of these as they are of the same quality as my Stun Gun's.

Please read the link below to get more detailed information about the research and facts on the construction and details of this kit!

's the deal.

I have 8 kits for sale and need to recoup my expenses.

Here's what you will get......

Hollow resin cast body sections......these fit together like a glove.

All buttons are color cast in their proper color.......therefore no paint required.....
Some of the buttons are cast in transparent clear with the proper color dye added to them.

Metal cast parts include.......Belt clip, antenna end cap, and 2 round side buttons.
All they need is to be buffed up with some super fine steel wool.

Accurate speaker grill........the minimum amount that I could purchase without buying the whole 8x4 foot sheet was 4x2 feet and that alone cost me almost $300.
I am including enough of this speaker grill to make 2 commlocks just in case you have a little accident and cut it to short.

The main video display and the small computer display are cast in clear will need to sand the back side of these smooth and apply some Future Acrylic Floor Polish to get a nice clear finish.

The graphics included are 2 different video screens.......the ID Tag that goes on the side, that you can add your own photo to then laminate.....and the small computer display.
These were printed photo paper and are of high quality.

Rub down transfers..........this was another expensive venture.
I had to have these custom made and spent almost $300 to get all the white numbers and black circles, squares and lines.
I will include more than enough of these just in case you you make a mistake.

These will be ready for shipping next week as I still have to thread the antenna shafts on 3 of them and drill and tap the screw holes on all of them.........and yes.....the screws will be included.......I just ordered a box today and will be in on Monday.

Also, anybody that requires some contruction tips can post their questions on this thread and I will be more than happy to help!! a matter of fact, I encourage it!

Please be advised that like with any resin kit, there are some bubbles that need to be filled and sanded but they are located on flat easy to fix locations.

The price for a kit is $180 shipping included!

Each kit will be insured for the full amount as well.

If there is a big enough interest, then I will purchase another small batch of resin and metal and cast up some more but this would only be 3 or 4 at a time.

For those of you that are still interested in one of my Stun Guns, I may offer some in kit form within the next few months.......I will keep you posted on those.

I think it's only fair that these 8 commlocks should be made available to the ones that first asked for one.
If anybody changes their mind then it will move down to the next one on the list.

Please confirm if you want one and I will pm you with PayPal info for payment.

1. w8cmp.......confirmed/paid....shipped
2. Alpha149.....confirmed/paid.....shipped
3. century21slough.......confirmed/paid......shipped
4. simmo........confirmed/paid......shipped
5. gojira61.....confirmed/paid.......shipped
6. tobor......confirmed/paid.....shipped
7. Richardlamer....confirmed/paid......shipped
8. Steve36uk.....confirmed/paid.......shipped

9. nivektunk
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Count me in!!!

This is one of the greatest commlock I've seen. Please count me in for your next batch.

If you ever think of selling combos (commlock and stun gun) I would buy them rather than buying the one from PE.




Hey Guys,

I will have a few more commlock kits available hopefully by the end of next week. Most of them are complete so I'm just checking in to see who still wants one.
I will check in with each of you who requested one and they will be available by order of request from this thread.
There should be enough to cover everyone who wanted one.

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You won't regret this kit guys! I bought one in the last run. My problem is I hastily started 6 models at the same time (ADD issues?) and haven't completed any of them yet.!


Commlock Kits

Hey Guys

I have sent everyone that requested a Commlock a PM with payment info.
Half of the kits are complete and the rest will be completed over the weekend.
Everybody that is paid up will have their kits shipped out early next week.

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