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Crablogger for $10.00


This is my first post so bare with me if there technical or protocol bugaboos. Sorry if the title is misleading. I am not trying to sell anything, this is what I spent on cheap and cheerful Crablogger model. I am attaching an image of what I call my $10.00 Crablogger". This was made so that my 5 year old son - and his matchbox Thunderbirds toys - would have something to rescue. As his attention span was limited, and the task of making an accurate model of this great machine was so daunting I just launched into it.
My reference came almost exclusively from the show. As the Crablogger never appears on screen in it's entirely, I took several screen grabs from the cliff-ledge sequence where you see it in some nice profile shots. I did a cut and paste to get the overall proportions and printed this out.
This model is about 20" long, and built to a scale based on the most widely available and cheapest wheels and tracks that I could find at the local 'dollar store'. The body is balsa wood and cardboard. There are numerous details from kit parts, and leftovers from the cannibalized plastic cars, tanks and construction vehicles I hacked apart for the wheels and tracks. The reactor is a toy hand grenade (fun for the kids - 'with a realistic explosion sound effects chip inside'). The grenade was in half - half on the control section and half on the processing section.
I hope this post is of interest to some. I was actually quite pleased with the result, especially as i spent only $10 dollars on it and knocked it out over a Bank Holiday weekend.
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Mike Delamar

excellent, love that youve canibalised toys and kits.

paintwork is excellent, I wouldnt let your kid near it :) its pretty certain itll end up like the real crablogger :)

This is a really fantastic job and the kind of level we are going for with the game, not an exact replica, but a good overall feel of the original and instantly recognisable as it, with all the correct colour schemes. This is incredibly helpful for me. Shame we can't borrow it!


Thats neat! Very good detailing for such a small scale. Im impressed! and it oly cost you $10? very nice!


Meritimas - The grabs are actually office accessories shaped like a clothes pegs, about the size of a paper clip and for that same function.


I just measured it in good old fashioned feet imperial inches.
Her vital statistics are; 19" long - not including the 'chain saw', 4.5" high - not including the 'crane arm telescopic thing' on the cabin and 5" wide.


That's totally amazing - and just for $10 too. Just shows what can be achieved with a bit of imagination. Well done indeed!