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Dalek Invasion of Earth 2009


Sorry if this was covered already. I'm pretty new here. I'm a 1:6 enthusiast. Have some custom 1:6 Gerry Anderson figures, some Dr. Who. I was wondering:
a- what is the proper dimensions for a Dalek?
b- are there any decent, affordable 1:6 versions available?
Sorry Ironman1188. The only 1/6 scale Dalek kits I know of are the Sevans ones, and they are getting like Hens teeth to find.

So far as plans, the Dalek Builder's Guild ones are supposed to be the best available, google 'em and register to get them e-mailed to you. I wish I could remember my login with them as they were a great group.

Anyway, long time since I did an update, so here is the situation.

I have had a problem finalising some of the design elements due to changes in the components of the kit over time.

This is the plastic mesh from an original boxed Comet Miniatures 1/8th scale Dalek kit. Supplied in white it has been given a coat of Games Workshop Chaos Black undercoat, then painted Boltgun Metal and drybrushed Mithril Silver. However, I will not be using this as I only have one set.

This is the stuff supplied with the bagged kits. A hexagonal mesh rather than the earlier diamond mesh ( I wonder if Tony's wife is missing a couple of pairs of stockings?:lol::lol:) As I did not want to have different styles of mesh on my group of Supreme Daleks, I have been forced to use neither this nor the earlier plastic diamond mesh that I had painted.

I found this in a local craft shop, a contour mesh for such things as model railway terrain. It is a 1/16" (1.58mm) diamond pattern that comes in a sheet which when unfolded measures 16"X20" (406X508mm) which gives me plenty to do all the Daleks I want and have some left over.

Yes, my Daleks will be limited to 30A. The 30A fusewire will be used to replace the flat plates and thin plastic rods that made up the rods around the Dalek weapons, making them more accurate than standard.

This is my final standard skirt section, this will be for the Supreme from "Planet of the Daleks". I still plan on producing a couple more Supremes after this, one based on a never used Cusick design, and then one based on those seen on the website of "Second Empire".

As there is not a lot of glue surface, the skirt can fail at the joints as further filling and sanding takes place on the joins. To help overcome this, I add a plasticard plate to the underside which helps to prevent the individual plates from flexing so much the joins part. The whole assembly can be filled, and then re-coated with filler primer and primer in layers and sanded back to give a smooth, seam-free finish. This will then be painted black and added to a gold movie base to produce the Supreme from the film version of "The Daleks".

I shall be making the first set of meshes over the next couple of days, and working more on the dome of the Resurrection Supreme.
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Sevan Dalek kit are a pig to build, I have builded over a 100 of them
and like Weaponsmith sad to find one is like going to the dark side of the moon.


Sevans Dalek kit are a pig to build, I have builded over a 100 of them and like Weaponsmith sad to find one is like going to the dark side of the moon.

So are they worth a few quid?
I'm sure I've got an unbuilt one somewhere... better go and unearth it. :think:
Probably on the dark side of my loft!


So are they worth a few quid?
I'm sure I've got an unbuilt one somewhere... better go and unearth it. :think:
Probably on the dark side of my loft!

I would like to buy it of you?
The last one I bort for £ 25 the Dakels kit, the Ice Warriors or Cybermen about £35, but the resin K9, the two davros kits and the
Controller Cyberman and Tardis are out of this world for prices.
If you can find the's kits on the market?

P.s: your Sevan TV Dakels kit is it a mk1 kit, 2 kit, or 3 kit?
pps: is at the TV one or the movie one?
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Arse Biscuits!

The set of templates Tony supplies with these kits appear to be wrong. I cut out the 2 lots of mesh for my Resurrection Dalek this morning, exactly to the template supplied, but one side of the front section is not deep enough. If I make sure it is level with the back piece along the top, there is a great gap at the bottom.

I cut just on the outside of the line of the template, using the old adage that it is easier to remove a little material if it looked too large on the model than add material if it looked too small, and can still see the black line of print around the template so I know I did not cut it wrongly, and when I fold the template in half, there is definitely one side that is not as tall as the other.

So that piece of mesh is going in the bin, and I am going to have to produce another template to my own measurements and cut this out some time later.

For now I am working on a previously scrapped skirt I have from an old second hand boxed kit that I bought many years ago from the (Sadly no longer there) Dr Who shop in Longleat. It was cheap as it was part started and had some parts missing, so I have been using it as back-up in case anything goes wrong with one of my other builds. Now I am using it as the basis for my Steampunk Dalek build. I will be assembling the basic skirt section as a movie dalek, but adding a steam boiler and flue system on the back with a couple of steam pistons powering a couple of wooden cart wheels at the back. As each wheel will be powered independantly, this is also the steering mechanism, with a set of freewheeling castor-type wheels at the front for stability. I have not decided on weaponry or manipulator arms as yet, but the guns on have given me some inspiration, I will just have to choose one and re-make it in miniature. I already have some ideas for the head unit too.


With regard to tinting the clear resin lights, have you thought about mixing some red food dye with Klear floor polish and then dipping the resin parts?

Not sure how this works with red, I've only ever used blue or yellow before. It will, however, gradually build up a thin acrylic layer which may affect your lights outside dimensions.

Just a thought.
Hi drjon.

Hope you like our little corner if the etherverse.

No, I have not been able to get round to this up to now. Unfortunately I am an ideas man, I keep getting more ideas for models than I ever have time to actually build. I had some real trouble with the slats on my first Supreme Dalek, and so the project got put on hold whilst I researched methods of removing superglue without damaging the rest of the model. Even though I used only minimal amounts, I do not want to have to start repairs, or re-making slats from scratch.

Unfortunately I have had to move to get a job, and am now renting a tiny place without much room for doing anything, so have to pick and choose my projects much more carefully. I am currently working on a large project for the Games Workshop "Warhammer 40,000" universe, but after that I should be able to get back on with the Daleks I wanted to do. Even tehn that will be much slower than when I was working on them before, as I have no access to a place to use my airbrush now.

however, I will see if early next year I can get a picture up of the design I am talking about.


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All this Dalek talk has reminded me of something I did 7 or 8 years ago.

There are a couple of Ray Cusick's early Dalek design ideas that have been reproduced in various books (and on the 'net as well) - one (the earlier of the two) is a very rough "back of envelope" drawing and looks literally like a glass salt shaker with arms, but the other (see attached) is rather statuesque and the drawing is more detailed.

I built a little 1:8 scale model of it and made some rather bad Microsoft Paint mock-ups of how these Daleks might have looked if the design had been approved ...



  • Cusick Prototype Dalek design.jpg
    Cusick Prototype Dalek design.jpg
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  • Cusick Prototype Dalek silhouette.jpg
    Cusick Prototype Dalek silhouette.jpg
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  • Cusick Prototype Dalek.jpg
    Cusick Prototype Dalek.jpg
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  • Daleks Invasion of Earth.jpg
    Daleks Invasion of Earth.jpg
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Nice job there Exterminator. Up to your usual standards.

I was aware of this 'prototype' Dalek design, but had not seen it in such detail before.

The design I was referring to was the update he did in, sometime in the 80's I think. Much more menacing in design, barbs on the arm, more complex weapon system - whilst retaining the basic Dalek shape seen on screen. I have the design from an old DWM special, IIRC, and certainly prefer if to the more 'Dapol/PE' type design actually used in the 'new who' with the different colours.

Captain Sci-Fi

Is there any interest in me making scale Dalek parts?

I obviously can't make a whole model or kit as that would lead to copyright problems, but head domes, skirt panels, slats, neck rings are no problem.

If you are all happy to work to the Dalek Guild drawings I can do this easily. Do we want a finished size? With Laser cut parts I can output them in any size so scaling is not a problem. Domes, and other cast parts would need to be fixed at a finished size, what do we think?

BTW, I made many kits for Stuart Evans for publicity and event use. I loved making them and added mesh details, armatures for the guns and eye stalks, dioramas for finished models and so many commission builds I lost count after 50.

Those were the days....


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Thanks Exterminator, yes that is the one I mean.

Shame I don't have the time to work on it at the moment, I have a challenge on my hands as it is - something that, if I can pull it off well enough, gives me my best chance of lifting the Games Workshop "Golden Demon Slayer Sword" for best overall miniature at their annual UK painting competition next September.

All I am prepared to say at this early stage is that it is a monumental build for me, my first compelte scratchbuild, never mind a 28mm scale one!

I could be prepared to make a thread covering this monumental build, I wil be documenting how I go through it anyway, once the competition is over - win or lose.